Film Recommendations About Psychotherapists

A few days a case about fake psychologists being viral. This surprised the public. It turns out that the public does not understand the professional relationship between psychologists as therapists and their clients. This ignorance is exploited by irresponsible people by exploiting the patient’s vulnerable conditions for his personal interests. This is the danger of underestimating mental health. Mental is as important as our physical condition. If you want to watch such a danger in a safe way, you can simply watch movies that are related to mental health and illness on

The following are films that are able to describe well the relationship between therapist and client. The therapy described by the filmmakers more or less gives a picture to the public about the world of psychology.

– Good Will Hunting (1997)
Will, an office boy works at a famous university. One day a mathematics professor at the university made a pretty difficult problem. No students answered. The answer came precisely from the office boy who spent his youth hanging out and drunk. The office boy’s behavior that is not commendable makes him even jailed. Even though the professor wants to help him to go to school. But he did not want to because it felt it would make his friends betrayed. The professor has a friend, a counselor who will help Will to resolve the problem. This film was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as well as opening their way to fame.

– I Never Promise You A Rose Garden (1977)
Deborah is someone who is treated in a psychiatric facility for attempting suicide. Throughout the film, Deborah is depicted as having hallucinations and delusions, characteristic of schizophrenia. The condition is getting more difficult because in the mental facility Deborah also lives with other patients who are both having severe mental disorders. This made Deborah fight not only against herself but also her environment. Through this film, we will see how a psychiatrist can help someone like Deborah. Although his cinematography is normal as well as his acting, this film is able to accurately describe the psychotherapy session between the therapist and his client.

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