How Gynecologist Could Help You

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists are trained to perform various medical procedures to assist childbirth, perform surgery on the female reproductive system, and provide treatment to overcome various disorders that occur in the female reproductive system. And when should you see a obstetrician-gynecologist ? It is not only women who are pregnant or currently doing a pregnancy program who are advised to consult a gynecologist. Healthy women are also advised to have regular check-ups every one to five years, to maintain reproductive health and prevent disorders that may occur.

This female health check is important especially for women over the age of 21 and has been sexually active. In addition, you are recommended to consult a gynecologist if you experience changes in your menstrual cycle, approaching menopause, or to monitor the condition of the fetus and pregnancy. Some of the symptoms that can occur are related to health problems of the female organs, namely changes in the volume or frequency of the menstrual cycle, unusual stomach cramps, pain when urinating, and pain during sexual intercourse. They will also help in the examination of female reproductive organs, including physical examinations such as pelvic, vulva, and vaginal examinations, cervix, breasts; and supporting examinations such as uterine ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound. They could do early detection of cancer in female reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer, a biopsy of the uterus or cervix, such as a pap smear, and consultation regarding contraceptives and HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.

You could get pregnancy consultation or prenatal care (before delivery), the process of delivery, both normal and by cesarean section, and care after with a gynecologist. They also provide postnatal breast care to support the optimal breastfeeding process or perform dilation and curettage when needed. Surgery, such as hysterectomy or removal of the uterus, and myomectomy or removal of uterine fibroids in the uterus. Obgyn doctors can perform surgery in a conventional way or with a laparoscopic surgical method and tubal ligation for female sterilization. Obgyn specialists, fertility consultants, can perform artificial insemination or IVF to help promote pregnancy.

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