How To Prevent Crust On Bathroom Tiles

Crust attached to the bathroom tile is a very disturbing view. The clean bathroom could look dirty because of the crust on the ceramics. Routine cleaning of ceramics is sometimes not able to remove the scale. You need professional help of Carpet Cleaners North Shore to remove the crust. However, there are some ingredients that you can find in your kitchen to help you remove the crust of the tiles and ways to prevent it to form in your bathroom.

The crust in the bathroom is caused by dirt, soap residue, mold, and mildew that has been deposited for too long in ceramics. Crusty floor, of course, gives the impression of dirty even though you’ve cleaned the bathroom until it is completely clean. Vinegar is the most effective means to clean bathroom crust. Here is a guide to cleaning the scale in the bathroom using vinegar. In general, vinegar is very effective in removing scale in the bathroom with just one cleaning. However, if you haven’t been able to clean the crust in the bathroom, you can try again the next day. The stubborn crust on ceramics does not go away even if you rub the ceramics every day. However, there are ways you can do to prevent crust in the bathroom tile.

Keep the bathroom dry. When you want to make a bathroom, you should make a special place for bathing and dry parts. Only a place for bathing alone can be left in a wet state, the rest of the bathroom must remain dry. The more humid the condition of the bathroom, the more crust that sticks to the walls and floor of the bathroom. Leakage of tap water pipes or bathtubs will make water continuously come out and wet the walls or floor. Wet ceramics will easily crust. So, immediately fix the leak so that it does not cause crust everywhere. Poor air circulation can make the bathroom humid so it crusts easily. Make sure you open the bathroom window and door when the bathroom is not in use. If the bathroom is closed, install the exhaust fan so that air circulation in the bathroom is maintained.
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