Satire’s Comedy is More Than Entertainment

The film is one of the communication media that we can use to spread certain messages. More than just entertainment that we enjoy while eating popcorn, some films have stories that are so powerful and able to inspire their viewers.

We can find out how nationalism is a Winston Churchill through the film The Darkest Hours (2017), to the story of the first black woman working in NASA’s main division through the film Hidden Figures (2016). Not only historical, but there are also still many films that contain various other messages such as mental health, gender equality, or just a philosophy of life in teen-themed films.

One of the trends in films that are back in popularity is the satire comedy. Where a film is not only written to invite laughter but also has a vague message on the surface. We’re sick of serious content, patronizing family films to historical films that present horror and sorrow. That is why the language of sarcasm, meme culture, and satire comics in the corner of the newspaper can be entertainment in modern life with all its problems.

Satire comedy is an art genre that can be applied in various media. Not only films, but satire content was also initially applied more to literacy works, comics, to stand-up comedy material. Satire is a comedy formula aimed at satirizing certain parties, for example, the government, a social group that is still conservative, to various political and social issues in society.

Unlike the more blunt sarcasm, satire uses comedy as a medium to convey innuendo. It makes us laugh at the ignorance or inhumane behavior of those who are the object of comedy. Most of the comedy content that is applied in a film is made fun with editing, writing, script, to the quality of the acting of each actor. The message delivered is sometimes not even far from the reality, however, it can miraculously make us laugh just because it was executed with a different point of view. Throughout the film, maybe we will laugh until we start talking about the film and find the meaning that the filmmaker actually wants to convey. Here are some of the best films that contain satire comedy that we should watch.

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