There Are Some Easy Ways To Prevent Rust On Automatic Metal Gates

Rust or corrosion on the automatic metal gate of the house is a natural process that cannot be avoided. The driveway metal gates are exposed to elements outside the house that are constantly changing, such as sunlight and the temperature suddenly changing from hot to rainy.

If this happens continuously, sooner or later the automatic gate will undergo an oxidation process that can peel the automatic gate paint layer and make several holes. In addition to destroying the aesthetics and appearance of the automatic gate, the automatic gate will be more fragile and lead to collapse. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to replace everything, right?

Therefore, there are several easy ways you can do to slow down the rusting process of your automatic metal gate, such as:

Repaint the Automatic Gate Routinely

One of the easiest ways is to regularly repaint automatic metal gates when rust has started to appear. Be sure to use paint that contains an anti-rust coating. In addition to keeping the automatic gate durable, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to be creative in changing the colour of the automatic gate.

Apply Oil on It

Oil and kerosene can also be a natural coating for automatic metal gates to prevent the oxidation process. Because it gives the impression of not being clean and the automatic gate becomes too shiny, you should apply oil and grease to the hidden parts of the automatic gate, especially the hinges.

Rusted hinges will make an annoying creaking sound and make the automatic gate difficult to open. Therefore, the hinge can be smeared with oil or oil to prevent the corrosion process due to the water-resistant nature of the oil.

Coating the Automatic Gate with Tin

Using a tin coating which is also another type of metal, can also prevent the appearance of rust quickly on your automatic gate. Even though it is made of metal, tin has a fairly high corrosion resistance compared to ordinary metal materials used to make automatic gates. Therefore, tin coating liquid will protect your automatic gate from rust.

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