Tourist Attractions You Can Visit If You Live In Punta Cana

You may already be planning to move from your old home to Punta Cana after looking through the property options at In addition to various choices and strategic locations, it turns out that you can also vacation to unique places that you may have never visited.

Here are some interesting tourist destinations in the cities around Punta Cana.

1. Castillo Mundo King
Castillo Mundo King is one of the historical places in Sosua, Dominican Republic which comes with a very strange but unique shape. The building was created by a German artist named Rolf Schulz, who had long dreamed of building a castle in the Dominican Republic, and lived there before he died in January 2018. The castle consists of five floors and presents a variety of unique sculptures by Schulz, with very artistic forms.

2. Los Tres Ojos
Furthermore, there is a natural attraction called Los Tres Ojos which presents a very beautiful view, which is located in the Mirador del Este Park, which is in the City of Santo Domingo Este. This cave is actually an open limestone cave formed from cracks caused by a great earthquake hundreds of years ago. This place is also used by the Taino Indian community for ritual activities, as well as being the most visited tourist destination in the Dominican Republic.

3. Faro a Colon
Faro a Colon or Columbus Lighthouse is a famous monument located in the City of Santo Domingo Este. This monument was built to commemorate Christopher Columbus who first came to the island of Hispaniola and discovered the Americas, and made this city the first city built in the New World. Funding for the construction of this monument was financed by all Latin American countries, designed by Scottish architect Joseph Lea Gleave in 1914.

4. Cueva de las Maravillas
One of the other popular nature attractions in the Dominican Republic is Cueva de las Maravillas which is located west of La Romana. This natural cave has stunning rock formations and is famous for its beautiful Taino Indian paintings. The cave, which was made a national park in 1997, has a depth of 25 meters and a length of 800 meters.

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